Founded at the end of the'50s as a producer of classical woollen fabrics, in 1973 Lanificio Corti Marcello underwent a process of total transformation of its production.

It targets a medium-high segment of the market, with fabrics designed mainly for a domestic clientele, availing itself of the services of a number of excellent, highly qualified commission processors. Quality control and the reliability of the fabrics are tested directly by the owners during various stages from production to delivery.

The production has been improved over the years with the addition of important technical concepts, more and more directed toward the use of worsted yarns and stretch yarns for plain and fancy fabrics.

The experience that comes with years of work is the guarantee to the clients of the quality and reliability of the products and timely deliveries.

Production skills are backed up by the experience of outside design consultants who can guarantee a strong fashion content at the highest level of quality so as to make the company competitive on every market.

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